Weekend Review

This weekend was filled with more of the regular — biking and running. After spending Friday night making Thug Kitchen’s Chickpea and Green Chile Soup and finishing up season 1 of Game of Thrones, Saturday was much more social with a 52-mile bike ride with friends, a baking party, then dinner with friends. Sunday was Easter brunch and an 8-mile ride.

The 52-mile bike ride really kicked my butt. My friends and I signed up for STOKR and I’m doing the Saturday, 98-mile ride. It goes over a pass so I need to get my legs ready for a 17-mile hill climb. I’ve been told the food stops on the ride are amazing, but is it really worth 98-miles? I’ll let you know.

After gorging myself on french fries and a veggie burger after our ride, a couple friends came over to help me with my March bake. Making amaretti biscuits for the cake batter was a one person job, so we stood in my kitchen and snacked on dessert bars one friend brought over while I made the biscuits. After the biscuits baked and were crushed down, I made the cake batter, one friend left, and the other friend’s husband came over for dinner.

A couple of months ago I borrowed a some Rick Bayless books from the library and we made the most amazing pork tacos. I couldn’t find the recipe anywhere online or remember which book it was from, so I borrowed both books again to find it: Tacos de Picadillo Oaxaqueno from Mexican Kitchen. It uses pork shoulder and has a tomato and chile adobo sauce that the pork cooks in and is topped with toasted almonds. It’s time-consuming, but worth it.

On Sunday I woke up early for Easter mass, then came home and assembled my cake. I went over to my friend’s to prep pancakes while the group was out bike riding (my legs said no) and we celebrated with a big brunch that included homemade bagels, my cake, and of course, mimosas. I fought my instinct for an afternoon nap, and instead went grocery shopping, cleaned the yard, and went on an 8-mile run with a friend. Suffice to say my legs are completely dead today.

I’ll get a nice exercise break next weekend when we go to Seattle. I have a six month scan and a check-up with my Gyn Onc. Dan’s dad’s side is meeting us up there so we’ll have a weekend filled with good food and fun times!

Have a great week!


Gossett Girl


Weekend Review

The picture above is a good summary of the weather this weekend: Sunny and stormy, all at once.

We kept pretty busy this weekend, starting with watching the Quebec folk group Des Temps Antan at our local performing arts center, then went to an after-party with friends and the group, staying up way too late.

Saturday we went with friends on a 35-mile bike ride down to Bandit Brewery to take mine and Dan’s new Kona cyclocross bikes out for a spin. It was my first time biking on a dirt road and I loved it. It was much easier to talk to friends on a road less traveled and fun going over bumps my road bike couldn’t. While the bike ride was beautiful, we fought a head wind and some grapple. At least the precipitation was dry so we weren’t soaking wet. And it was like getting in an extra workout fighting the wind.


After the bike ride, I needed to bake a dessert for a BBQ we were going to that night. In my quest to continue using my cookbooks, I looked up the dessert section in Ina Garten’s Foolproof and decided to make the Raspberry Crumble Bar, using strawberry jam since it’s what we had. I imagine Ina saying, “store-bought, strawberry jam is fine.”

The BBQ was fun and we spent the evening hanging out by a fire pit, but it was still so cold. I’m looking forward to summer where we don’t have to bundle up to be outside!

Sunday was meal prep day. Well, not really since we don’t meal prep. Sunday was spent cooking, and I forced myself to do a 3 mile run.

Ever since the cruise, Dan and I have been trying to lose the cruise weight (plus the couple pounds I’ve put on since I’ve been back…) and get back on our budgeting track. We have about $20 left in our budget before the month ends, so I looked through our cookbooks and tried to find what would last for the rest of the week.

After going through our cupboards and seeing what we already had, I settled on making NYTimes Cooking Curried Split Pea Soup (we pay for a NY Times subscription and the app comes with it, like a cookbook…ish) and Thug Kitchen’s Curried Hand Pies from their Party Grub cookbook. The Curried Hand Pies was also a great way to use up coconut cream from a dessert disaster that happened earlier this week. Both turned out pretty good, but I would add more curry powder to each.

Both recipes also included ginger, which I had been avoiding since the “Great Ginger Drowning of 2017”, aka what I am calling my mom force-feeding me ginger drinks during chemo. I peeled and grated the ginger without gagging, so I think I’ve finally conquered one of my chemo battles! Though now the weight is slowly coming back, so maybe chemo will win the war.

I’m planning to make Thug Kitchen’s Chickpea and Green Chile soup from their Thug Kitchen 101 cookbook later this week. Fingers crossed we got everything we needed today, because we can’t grocery shop until Sunday!

This weekend’s baking/cooking: Top: Ina Garten’s Raspberry Crumble Bottom Left: Prep for NYTimes Cooking Curried Split Pea Soup Bottom Right: Thug Kitchen’s Curry Hand Pies

Speaking of the cruise, I’m still working on posts about the trip, there’s so much to tell though! It’ll show up someday, I promise.

Have a great week!


Gossett Girl

Hello 2018!

Happy New Year! As with everything I do, this message comes a little late. But at least it showed up, right? I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. I had time off between the two holidays and had grand plans for reading, cooking, blogging, and binge-watching Big Little Lies, but instead I got sucked into reading the new Dan Brown novel, Origin, and then began re-reading the Robert Langdon series. Should I have read something a little more thought-provoking? Maybe. But it was a fun way to finish out the year — A little European, art history adventure.

Dan and I hosted Christmas dinner for friends who were staying in Montana which was a fun evening filled with good food (crab over-nighted from Seattle!) and lots of wine and bourbon. New Years Eve was spent in Spokane at our new favorite bar, Durkins. We sipped French 75s and champagne all night. I may have fallen asleep at our hotel before the fireworks went off.

2017 was a horrible year, but it also brought a lot of support and love. I’m hopeful for 2018. I am going to try and spend this year enjoying life and doing more things. I want to make up for things that didn’t happen last year: travel, cooking, baking, reading, outdoor adventures, and more.

We are headed to South America next month, and are planning on running the Calgary marathon/half marathon (and hopefully the Lululemon SeaWheeze half marathon in Vancouver). We’re hoping for another big trip around Christmas as well. And of course, my every 3-month follow-ups in Seattle start up again next week. We’ve talked to family about doing a weekend meet-up in Seattle for one of these trips.

My friend gave me a Great British Bake Off calendar for my birthday, and I plan on making the baked good on the calendar each month. Great for dusting off my baking pans, maybe not so great for my waistline, but definitely worth it! I have also started borrowing cookbooks from the library to try different recipes. I was barely in the kitchen last year, and this year I’m going to make up for it.

As for reading, I should challenge myself to read books with a purpose. I love a good dystopian novel, perhaps throwing in a book about finance or self-betterment wouldn’t hurt. I’m also hoping to spend more time reading instead of watching TV shows that I don’t even like.

And finally, I’m sure outdoor adventures will come. Our love of trying new things and living in Montana, I have no fear we’ll get out and do things.

Here’s to a great 2018!


Gossett Girl