Surgery: Three Weeks Later

Three weeks after the surgery and I think my swelling is finally starting to go down. I still have a pouch over the incision, but at this point, I’m not sure if it’s swelling or just fat…. I’ll just say it’s swelling to keep myself happy.

The pain has been a bit stronger this past week, but I think that’s just the effect of the numbness wearing off. There are still a couple of numb spots, but it’s slowly going away. Dan keeps telling me that his knee was numb for the longest time due to all the nerves, and I wonder if that will happen to me. I also have 8 more Lovenox shots to give and I cannot wait for next Wednesday when I no longer have to inject myself with burning pain.

We met with the hematologist yesterday to discuss my chemo treatment. Luckily, I’m getting a very low dose of chemo so I shouldn’t have too many effects. My hair may thin (which super sucks since my hair is pretty thin anyways) and I’m going to get nauseous. I asked about any weight gain, but I’ll be put on a very low dose of steroids so I won’t feel anything from that. The doctor said that if I were just doing chemo at this dose, it wouldn’t do anything. The chemo is just there to help the radiation.

Speaking of radiation, my appointment isn’t until Friday. Radiation is driving my treatment so I don’t have a calendar yet. I am still worried about radiation causing me to go into early menopause. The hematologist told me that chemo will put my ovaries on pause, so if I do have hot flashes, it could just be chemo. It’s still a scary thought though.

Until my appointment, I’ll just be filling my time reading all the Pretty Little Liar recaps and going through old articles. I still can’t believe **** turned out to be Uber A! What? I just… Can’t. Guess it’s time to start Gossip Girl.

Until then…


Gossett Girl


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